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About this site

This site is a visual and written log of the punched cards I have collected. Most of it is IBM but there are things from companies long forgotten and probably never really known in the USA.

Most of this stuff came from that spawn of the devil, ebay.

One benefactor from England, Simon Barratt, more than doubled the size of the punch card collection for only the price of shipping. Thank you, Simon.

As of now (6/16/2024) I have been retired for 4104 days! People ask me what I plan to do. Continue expanding/updating this site, of course!

The card collection is fully loaded and currently has 4456 cards on display. It is sporadically updated as I acquire new cards. While I admit there are some true duplicates most of what appear to be duplicates are not. Corner type, cut location, manufacturer name location among others actually break the duplicate attribute. Click here to view it.

If you are interested in my non-computer related rantings please visit my WordPress blog. Click here to voluntarily subject yourself to them.

Thanks to Jay Chow, 1401 Restoration Project and the Computer History Museum for the 1403 font.